Sunday, 23 August 2009


I spent all morning at the lotty today. My main aim was to dig my Desire Pototoes out nice and early, and to let them sun bathe in the lovely hot sunshine for a few hours before sacking them up and eventually bringing them home!
However before I was able to do this, I had to dig up and bag all my remaining tomatoes as my Cherry and Roma's outside have all contracted blight.
There were too many to collect all the green ones so I only picked the already ripe red ones.
Its a hard slog when you put in all that time and effort into growing them, and then end up with such a sorry diseased plant.
Anyway back to happiness - these are my Desire!
From just one row I managed to fill a sack full. I still have another lot of Maincrop in (Cara) but they are not quite ready yet, so I think me and hubby will be ok for Potatoes this year - going to try out the ones I "forked" earlier, tonight as chips!!
And thanks to the Potato Council......
Desiree scores 5 on the waxy/floury scale and can be used for great roast potatoes and chips, creamy mash and also wedges. Desiree is also sold as a baking potato. This striking red-skinned maincrop potato, with a light yellow flesh is very widely available. This is a Main Crop variety.

Desiree is suitable for:
Potato Wedges
Jacket Potatoes

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Gardening for the soul

Gardening for the soul

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It's a cover up!

Unfortunatley my tomatoes on 121 contracted the dreaded
I was lucky to be able to send in a rescue team aka "me" to collect all
the green tomatoes not already effected
I then had to rip out all the stems and bag them up with the brown tomatoes, which I will later have to burn.
So, after that, I weeded the area as best I could and then covered it over - in the hope of smothering the blight and keeping the weeds down until next Spring.
Now for some more jolly news!
Here is one of my many cucumbers - I have so many, having stupidly planted 19 plants, that I don't quite know what to do with them all! However I will let them grow, keep on picking them, eating them, giving them away etc.
Ah, this is Daisy, who is guarding my sweetcorn that was planted by my little friend Joel
And this is one of my butternut squashes - again I have planted loads, but these will store well so I will have plently for the coming months.
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Thursday, 13 August 2009

This Mornings Harvest!

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Onions & Sunbathing.....

Saturday the 8th August started with a good old fork.
Yes I spent the morning forking up my onions and lying them in the sun.
After reading the weather forecast this was a good day - Full of lovely Sunshine, so there was
no time to loose with our recent weather of rain, rain and more rain!

So out they came, roots and all for a good old sunbathe for the day

These are the Red Barons sunbathing!
I left them there all day to bask in the heat of the suns' rays & then realised that to get them home, I would have to get my bike trailer out as there was so many of them!

See, it's nearly full, and was hard to pedal back because of the weight!!
I also spent Saturday morning and Sunday morning weeding - both plots needed it badly - 144 & 121 which seems to be overcome with a bramble problem on my half anyway. But despite the brambles, the butternut squash, courgettes and marrows are all doing very well, along with the cucumbers, of which I picked 6 on Sunday morning and gave them to the shop to hand out to anyone who fancied one.
I have 19 cucumber plants all together, and didn't realise that they would all produce so many edible, lovely, delicious cucumbers!! I might have to put a cucumber stall in action soon!

Finally, this is this mornings' bicycle basket harvest of piccolino cucumbers, Roma Tomatoes and some beetroot - that will make a nice lunch later!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The end of July......

This is yesterdays bicycle harvest.
I roasted the yellow courgettes and beetroot for dinner.
These are the yellow courgettes - "Summer Ball" in their growing position

And some cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine - it's a hard job not to eat them all directly after picking as they taste sooooooo sweet!

A greenhouse cucumber - coming along nicely as it's my first try at growing them.

I have had to put additional string up across the greenhouse as they ran out of growing space!

The hot chilli's

The not so hot chilli's

My aubergines that look like purple cucumbers!

Tomato Roma are starting to ripen in the greenhouse

More Tomato Roma

This morning's bicycle harvest

I love sunflowers!