Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Good Growing Guides by my friends at Fennel & Fern

Take a look at this invaluable website Fennel & Fern .  You will find lots of growing tips for all garden lovers be it flowers or vegetables.  Written by people passionate about gardening, you will soon find yourself absorbed in "Real Gardens" or "Monthly Jobs."

I want to share their "Grow" section with you.  Click on this tab "GROW" you will be directed straight to this great page.  The Good Growing Guide is a series of downloadable, quick reference postcards with all the information you will need down at your plot!  Great idea!!

On Tuesday the 5th January 2010 these postcards will be available for sale, so go and take a look - they will make a great gift for you (treat yourself) or someone that you may know who is just starting out in the wonderful world of allotment gardening!

New Year, New Decade, New Start - Happy 2010

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year

As you can see, I have braved the cold weather, and I say that due to the fact that I have been in Jamaica for the last 3 weeks and basking in 30 degrees plus, so yes I have gone outside the front door of my centrally heated home to brave the cold weather and go to the Allotment to take a peak at what's happening.

First I went to plot 121 to see  how the onions and garlic are diddling along.
Well as you can see they are doing fine and dandy, however, Daisy the scarecrow has taken a bit of a battering.....

Yes, poor Daisy is Dead -
mejjet [mey'yet] Maltese
รจ morto  Italian
Has copped it
Is a gonner

This is all that's left of her

Plot 144 now.

Not alot going on here
apart from the fact that everything is frozen......

So that's it for now as there's not alot I can report really.
The air is cold
The ground is Frozen
Nothing can be done at the Allotment at the moment.