Sunday, 27 May 2012

Plot 144 - The End!

This is a very sad blog post to have to write.

Due to my move to Dorset soon, my plot, sadly has to go & I have already given written notice to the council, that it will be available from June 7th.

I have been visiting the site most mornings, at around 6am for an hour each time, to clear the Shed and the Greenhouse, which are both now sold to a fellow allotmenteer who has a plot at the other end of the site.

Today I went down there to take the sign off the shed door "Dig For Victory" and the spade knocker too.  I also had help from Arthur to take the top from the milk urn that has my plot number on it (so it was my plot marker) and he also managed to de load  it from all the stones that were inside, keeping it weighed down and "un - thief-able"  (if that is a word) 

I collected my deposit from the chap buying the shed and greenhouse whilst my neighbour on the plot one down, said he would empty my water butt for me - very kind of him as I didn't think about that as its going as part of the G/House.

All I have left to do is to visit next Sunday or Monday to dig out my Onions and Garlic.

I have had some lovely, lovely times at that allotment site and met some very very nice people there too.
It's very sad to have to leave it behind, excited as I am about the move.

Sorry there are no pictures - it's too horrible to take them and to look at the condition it's in now.
I would rather remember it as it was.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

I went to the lotty today.... help out on the shop, as it was my turn, so whilst I was there and walking passed my plot anyway, I thought I would take a few photo's.

As you can see, I have the Garlic and onions to the left of this photo

And moving along I have potatoes, Pentland Javelin, and peas coming up next to them

with weeds to the right!!

I did do some weeding the other day but rain stopped play
I still have some leeks to eat up!

And the spinach is going mad, so needs cutting back

More weeds

And more weeds!!

However the Potato that is for the Competition is doing well in the Greenhouse

And I am pleased to have sold my Shed & Greenhouse to a fellow allotment holder too!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Excitement as seeds grow.....

The pictures speak for themselves really

Its just SO exciting when you see this happening

and then this

And this!

Even my tomatoes are having a go

And finally

Click on this link to see a good piece made by the BBC on Allotments

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Potato Progress & Seed Rescue

Look what I found when I went down to the Allotment today!

Yes, I have Potato Progress

I decided that I would be able to pay more attention to my Tomato & Courgette sowings if they were in my utility room.  That's due to these April Showers of course and the inability to get to the Greenhouse without getting soaked, so here there are at home!

My Cucino Seeds have Germinated

Well 2 out of 4 did so 50% isn't bad and I am looking forward to all the baby Cucumbers that they will produce.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you to Lesley at Mad dog Woman of Shackleford
for presenting me with this honour!

I am now meant to tell you 7 interesting things about me.....

1. I am a crochet addict (see www.macscrochet.blogspot.)
2. I escaped the Tsunami of 2004 with just damage to one leg/ankle
3. I love to watch Jeremy Kyle show (another addiction)
4. Oh and Escape to the Country
5.  I have Coeliac Disease so I can't eat any gluten or wheat products
6.  I danced with Morecambe & Wise in their 1977 Christmas Show
7. I have a Cocker Spaniel who is now 13 and deaf

Now I have to nominate others for this award, so.....

I think I should be awarding more out than just 3, but these are my 3 favourite allotment / gardening blogs that are updated regularly so that's it from me!

Thanks again to Lesley.