Sunday, 13 May 2012

I went to the lotty today.... help out on the shop, as it was my turn, so whilst I was there and walking passed my plot anyway, I thought I would take a few photo's.

As you can see, I have the Garlic and onions to the left of this photo

And moving along I have potatoes, Pentland Javelin, and peas coming up next to them

with weeds to the right!!

I did do some weeding the other day but rain stopped play
I still have some leeks to eat up!

And the spinach is going mad, so needs cutting back

More weeds

And more weeds!!

However the Potato that is for the Competition is doing well in the Greenhouse

And I am pleased to have sold my Shed & Greenhouse to a fellow allotment holder too!


Rooko said...

Nice looking Onions & Garlic. The Spinach certainly is "going mad". I noticed the weeds are not growing in straight lines. If the did it would make weeding easier. Having sold your greenhouse & shed, are you thinking of giving up the plot?

Ali said...

hi Rooko, We are moving to Dorset so yes, I will have to, very sadly, give up my plot :(

Ana Coelho said...

Good luck on the next chapter of your life.I'm sure you will be growing again once you get settled.