Thursday, 30 October 2008

Apologies..... all followers of this blog - I have been very naughty on 2 counts :
1. Not updating my blog recently - well from the 12th October as you can see below and
2. Not going to the lotty either - it's the wet weather and the MUD
The other reason is that I have been terribly busy with work and personal issues, I know its a poor excuse, but they are both very genuine ones.
As previously mentioned I hate the stuff - MUD. It churns up my insides and that's it, I'm gone! YUK. I have to wait for some dry weather before I venture down there again!!
I did however go for a brief visit one morning this week -just to have a "look / see" and what I saw as that my onions were coming along nicely, but no sign of the garlic just yet.
I really need to get down there to clear 144 - maybe on Saturday as hubby is working?? Weather dependant of course! If not it will have to be Sunday.
I have been busy today - carving pumpkins into Jack O Laterns ready for all the trick or treaters tomorrow!! its such fun round here and all the kiddies dress the part and are all very polite. I do however put my foot down to anyone taller than me!! I say a firm but polite "sorry" as I think they must be too old - it's for the kiddies not the teenagers.
I will get off my soapbox now.
Hopefully see you all again soon.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Meet Rosie....

This is Rosie - Rosie lives on an allotment in Andover, Hampshire.
She is the only scarecrow on her site, and apparently she has caused quite a stir!
According to her owner and creator Mo, there is a short sighted chappy on the site. He is at the other end of the plot, and he waves at Rosie quite alot, thinking it was Mo! He must be wondering why Mo never waves back!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

A Rainy October day.

With all the wet weather predicited for the next few days / weeks, I decided to go and rescue my pumpkins
As you can see, they are not a bad size - in fact one of them weighed in at over 7lbs!
I was going to cut them into Halloween faces for the local kiddies trick or treat, but I have now decided to use them for culinary purposes. I will let you know what I make out of them. Will have to look up a few recipes.
Now this is a sight for sore eyes - Brian next door on 143 - you may remember him from
Well he has started to build this most magnificent shed - rather splendid if you ask me!

I can't wait to see it all finished. I hope he puts a stash of booze in there - brandy for the winter and white wine in the summer - lovely !!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Strange but true.......

This strange carrot photograph, was sent to me by
Richard and Karen Tolson who have plots 75a and 76a & share the plots with Peter and Phylis Goodyer
Weird isn't it?
Do you have any pictures of Strange Veg?
If so - please email them to me on and I will post them on here!