Wednesday, 23 July 2008

One Man and his stump!

This is my Lotty neighbour from 143
His name is Bryan and apart from being sandwiched between my 142 & 144 plots he has another major problem - his stump.
It's not just this one mind you, there are others, but this is the biggest and baddest of them all!
He has dug, chopped, sweated, toiled, sworn (more than once) and wiped his brow on several occassions - but all this with a big smile on his face!
The lovely smiling Bryan is now cruising the seven seas, and I have offered to water his plot. He and his wife Elena have done a good job on clearing half their plot in a very short space of time and have lots of lovely veg growing including corn, tomatoes, lettuces & runner beans.
I am going to look after them all for them for the next 10 days by watering with loving care so they will all be well and super veggies by the time Bryan and Elena return !

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mandycharlie said...

I'm loving your blog, its wonderful. I love Hilda so very much, she reminds me of my gran! If you don't mind me saying so, her ruby red lips are beautifully made. I'm just about to set about making my own scarecrow (to try and keep the pidgeons at bay this winter) in the next couple of weeks and your blog has given me many ideas.

Yours is a lovely light hearted blog, by someone who quite obviously loves their plot as much as we love ours.

Thanks for making a comment on my blog, I shall come back regularly to admire your progress, laugh at your adventures and comiserate where and when necessary.