Sunday, 30 October 2011

Crochet & Cabbages

I was on Allotment Trading Hut duties today.  It was a very quiet time, so I took my Crochet along to help pass the time (see my other blog which it did indeed do - help to pass that time that is, as well as listening to the old boys chattering away about their war days!

On the way back home I have to walk past my plot.  I had to pick up a savoy cabbage and I only had my Crochet bag with me, so they had to share

Crochet & Cabbages!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Digging after the rain & the return of the FROG

All that rain we had in the last few days has done me a favour!  The sun came out today and I went out to the Allotment to dig!!  It was like putting a hot knife through butter & I had the added bonus of a little harvest of baby sweetcorn and some beetroot!

To add to my delight of digging over a large bit of my plot I found my friend the frog!  He was hiding in a compost bag.  Now this was unknown to me at the time and I tipped the little amount of compost left in the bag onto the plot and out came this frog who was covered in compost dust - he did look a sight, so I got my watering can and gave him a shower.  He then rewarded my by posing for some photos....

Thursday, 6 October 2011

School Pots and Hanging Baskets.....

Did I ever mention that I garden for a local school?  Today I transformed the pots & hanging baskets from the "Summer"   (these pictures were taken back in June, so the Bacopa, Lobelia & Geraniums were all in bud form)..... the "Winter" 

In the pots I used Cyclamen, Winter Pansies & Gold Crest

And the hanging baskets speak for themselves!!



It's goodbye to plot 121 - I have now ended my "tenancy" there as I no longer have the need or the time to work this extra half plot!

One lot of Cara Potatoes going from 121 to 144 by trailer!

Desiree potatoes drying off in the greenhouse

Another tray of Cara

This is the tray that was in the trailer

So all in all a good potato harvest