Sunday, 30 October 2011

Crochet & Cabbages

I was on Allotment Trading Hut duties today.  It was a very quiet time, so I took my Crochet along to help pass the time (see my other blog which it did indeed do - help to pass that time that is, as well as listening to the old boys chattering away about their war days!

On the way back home I have to walk past my plot.  I had to pick up a savoy cabbage and I only had my Crochet bag with me, so they had to share

Crochet & Cabbages!


Fran said...

The crochet flowers and the cabbage look like they were made for one another!

Ali said...

Thanks Fran - you are right you know they are made for one another - I didn't see that until just now when I got your comment and looked at the picture again - clever you!!

Shaheen said...

The crochet and cabbages together are poety. You must have been quietly smiling to yourself listening to the 'boys' chatting away.