Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Potatoes and Piccalilli

 I am on plot 121 here and as you can see my potatoes are REALLY full of overgrowth which includes weeds, brambles & bindweeds from the plot next door.  You can see just behind my bike trailer that there is a mound. Well that mound is actually a compost bin from the next plot that is covered in brambles and bind weed, so that's where it's all come from!
I managed, on my first day back from sickness, to dig out 2 rows of Cara Potatoes.
This is them coming out of the ground. Thats the most exciting bit - digging them out!!

I then put them into a large tray and into the greenhouse to dry out as it's still damp out there!

These are my 2 marrows which I am entering into the Twitter Marrow Competition

As I was digging up potatoes, I dug up a couple of parsnips too, as we were having roast chicken - Mmmm - they were delicious!

This is my harvest (mid illness) which I decided looked like a good Piccalilli crop!
 So I chopped it all up

Add some Celery from the fridge

 And hey presto - Piccalilli will be ready in December

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Return from Holiday, Tomato Glut & Gastroenteritis!

Where do I start? From the begining I suppose would be a good place.

OK, so I return from Marrakech on Wednesday, but had a very dodgy tummy, so I didn't make it down to the allotment until the Thursday & when I got there, I found this lot!

Brian from 144a helped me to pick them all as I was rather "delicate!"

 I spent the next couple of days making batches of Tomato Sauce -
The Fiorentino tomatoes made tomato & aubergine sauce and the Roma tomatoes were turned into tomato & courgette sauce - I just used what I had to hand at the allotment!

Unfortunately my tummy bug turned out to be a little more serious than first expected.  I was so ill by Sunday morning that I phoned NHS direct.  They were obviously concerned as they got the "on duty" doctor to call me, who in turn sent another doctor round to my home to see me.  He then wrote a letter and told me to go to the hospital as soon as I could, so I was there within the hour.  I was put on a drip (one of 6) and was kept in. The good news is that I am now home (and itching to get to the allotment, but I am not allowed until next Monday)
The foxes at the hospital, sunbathing!

Friday, 17 September 2010

I am proud to present......

My certificates from the London Borough of Sutton 

Sutton in Bloom 2010 &
From London in Bloom 2010

The accompanying letter reads:

"Thank you once again for entering this year's competition which  continues to be an excellent way to encourage residents, businesses and schools to improve the appearance of the Borough.

I am pleased to say that you have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the London in Bloom judges, as they feel that you have made a significant contribution to gardening and the floral enhancement of the Borough this year.

Your support of the competition is much appreciated, and I hope that you will continue to enter the competition in year to come. "

I must just add that I am THRILLED to have these lovely certificates which I will frame and put up on my wall. I will also copy them, laminate and pin to the shed door at the allotment !!