Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Potatoes and Piccalilli

 I am on plot 121 here and as you can see my potatoes are REALLY full of overgrowth which includes weeds, brambles & bindweeds from the plot next door.  You can see just behind my bike trailer that there is a mound. Well that mound is actually a compost bin from the next plot that is covered in brambles and bind weed, so that's where it's all come from!
I managed, on my first day back from sickness, to dig out 2 rows of Cara Potatoes.
This is them coming out of the ground. Thats the most exciting bit - digging them out!!

I then put them into a large tray and into the greenhouse to dry out as it's still damp out there!

These are my 2 marrows which I am entering into the Twitter Marrow Competition

As I was digging up potatoes, I dug up a couple of parsnips too, as we were having roast chicken - Mmmm - they were delicious!

This is my harvest (mid illness) which I decided looked like a good Piccalilli crop!
 So I chopped it all up

Add some Celery from the fridge

 And hey presto - Piccalilli will be ready in December


Jayce Kay said...

Lovely spuds Ali!

Good luck and all the best with the competition.

Glad to read your back to good health. x

The Flower Garden said...

Weeds are a nuisance especially if from someone else's plot. But your own veg makes up for it there's nothing better.
And piccalilli will have to give that a go I'm doing a batch of chutney this week.

good luck with the comp.

Rachael said...

Lakeland jam labels? Snap!

Ali said...

Jayce Kay - thanks! I have another row of Roosters to dig up and some more weeding to go before I can put 121 to bed - maybe next week if the weather improves!

The Flower Garden - Indeed, nothing makes upt for your own home grow veg!! But another plots Brambles and Bindweed is not very appealing!

Rachael - yes indeed you have found my supplier!!

Craig Rockfield said...

Love the jamjar labels!!! :D decorative :)

Mark N said...

How did you get on with the sweet potatoes Ali? I was wondering if it was worth giving them a go next year...

Ali said...

Craig - thanks!! They are only from Lakeland!!

Mark N - thanks for reminding me about them, I have just put a new post dedicated to them. Sorry been very busy with this adoption and a hurt foot recently!

Dee Sewell said...

Lovely harvest and great idea to pickle it all.