Thursday, 30 October 2008

Apologies..... all followers of this blog - I have been very naughty on 2 counts :
1. Not updating my blog recently - well from the 12th October as you can see below and
2. Not going to the lotty either - it's the wet weather and the MUD
The other reason is that I have been terribly busy with work and personal issues, I know its a poor excuse, but they are both very genuine ones.
As previously mentioned I hate the stuff - MUD. It churns up my insides and that's it, I'm gone! YUK. I have to wait for some dry weather before I venture down there again!!
I did however go for a brief visit one morning this week -just to have a "look / see" and what I saw as that my onions were coming along nicely, but no sign of the garlic just yet.
I really need to get down there to clear 144 - maybe on Saturday as hubby is working?? Weather dependant of course! If not it will have to be Sunday.
I have been busy today - carving pumpkins into Jack O Laterns ready for all the trick or treaters tomorrow!! its such fun round here and all the kiddies dress the part and are all very polite. I do however put my foot down to anyone taller than me!! I say a firm but polite "sorry" as I think they must be too old - it's for the kiddies not the teenagers.
I will get off my soapbox now.
Hopefully see you all again soon.


patientgardener said...

Whilst I dont have an allotment I can imagine its hard to get enthusiastic when it is just mud, and cold and damp.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Namaste Ali,
So glad to see your post! I can understand the mud part. Same here, I haven't handled soil( didn't want to wallow in it) for a long time except for my drier potted soil of course!
Thank you for your Diwali wishes and the message on my blog. Always good to hear from you. I hope your Halloween goes off really well! Cheers!