Sunday, 9 November 2008

A Sad day at Plot 142.....

I have decided to vacate the plot I share with my neighbour on 142 and move in total to my own, full plot 144!
This was partly because the "neighbour" that I shared it with (and it's in her name) had a little hissy fit over the fact that the chicken wire fence that we put up at home, meant that she would now have to pick up her own leaves (I had already collected 20 bags full) so she took it out on me at the plot in full view of whoever was there, threatening to set alight to anything of mine including my wood store, from which she had already removed all her bits and pieces, my wood that I was storing to make raised beds on 144 and Tatty!
I can now concentrate 100% on getting this plot going as I feel it's always going to be awkward to stay on 142 - so now I have double the work to do!!

As you can see the wood and all the bamboo canes have been moved from behind Tatty.
Tatty Boggie Gump to go next!!

The wood store is no longer where it used to be.....
It's now on Plot 144 with the wood and the bamboo canes!

And finally.....

This is the shed that Brian built - all home made, not none of your B&Q rubbish - isn't it smart??

I think it's super - a shed to be proud off,

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Chris O'Kill said...

I'm sorry about all the troubles you are having Ali. I do like Brian's shed and can't believe I've not really noticed it before, especially as I must walk past it every time. Your encouragement is much appreciated!