Thursday, 20 August 2009

It's a cover up!

Unfortunatley my tomatoes on 121 contracted the dreaded
I was lucky to be able to send in a rescue team aka "me" to collect all
the green tomatoes not already effected
I then had to rip out all the stems and bag them up with the brown tomatoes, which I will later have to burn.
So, after that, I weeded the area as best I could and then covered it over - in the hope of smothering the blight and keeping the weeds down until next Spring.
Now for some more jolly news!
Here is one of my many cucumbers - I have so many, having stupidly planted 19 plants, that I don't quite know what to do with them all! However I will let them grow, keep on picking them, eating them, giving them away etc.
Ah, this is Daisy, who is guarding my sweetcorn that was planted by my little friend Joel
And this is one of my butternut squashes - again I have planted loads, but these will store well so I will have plently for the coming months.
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Scattered Gardener said...

Blight? yup, me too - returned from holiday to find all my allotment tomatoes rotting on the vines - I'd pulled up half of them between hols, but left behind the ones I thought were blight resistant and looked ok 10 days ago. It's really heartbreaking, the toms all looked so promising before I went away. Good news though, the ones in grow bags and pots in my garden are doing fine. Just potted up three 1/2 litres of tomato sauce/soup for the freezer, so it's not all bad news...

mangocheeks said...

Sorry to read that many of you down South have suffered from blight.

But the butternut looks good.

ReapWhatYouGrow said...

19 cucumber plants!!!!!!