Sunday, 23 August 2009


I spent all morning at the lotty today. My main aim was to dig my Desire Pototoes out nice and early, and to let them sun bathe in the lovely hot sunshine for a few hours before sacking them up and eventually bringing them home!
However before I was able to do this, I had to dig up and bag all my remaining tomatoes as my Cherry and Roma's outside have all contracted blight.
There were too many to collect all the green ones so I only picked the already ripe red ones.
Its a hard slog when you put in all that time and effort into growing them, and then end up with such a sorry diseased plant.
Anyway back to happiness - these are my Desire!
From just one row I managed to fill a sack full. I still have another lot of Maincrop in (Cara) but they are not quite ready yet, so I think me and hubby will be ok for Potatoes this year - going to try out the ones I "forked" earlier, tonight as chips!!
And thanks to the Potato Council......
Desiree scores 5 on the waxy/floury scale and can be used for great roast potatoes and chips, creamy mash and also wedges. Desiree is also sold as a baking potato. This striking red-skinned maincrop potato, with a light yellow flesh is very widely available. This is a Main Crop variety.

Desiree is suitable for:
Potato Wedges
Jacket Potatoes


Kella said...

Great harvest of potatoes. I'm sorry to hear of you tomatoes. I posted about how I live with the threat/ the infestation in my last post, maybe you'll get some ideas that you can use.

Mrs Jones said...

I'm growing Desiree spuds as well, they're my absolute favourite although mine have got scab on the skins (which, fortunately, doesn't affect the flavour once peeled, it just looks unsightly). I lost all my outdoor tomatoes last year to blight so this year I'm growing them in one of my little four-shelved plastic-houses and, so far - touch wood - they seem to have missed the blight.

Ali said...

Hi Kella, Thanks for your comment. I will take a look at your blog for some blight ideas, although I have already decided to cut down on plants next year and to squeeze them all in my GH.
Mrs Jones - how the devil are you. Wore my necklace & bracelet yesterday! My Deriree have scabby bits too, but the pots themselves are great - made great "healthy" oven chips yesterday!!! Going to take your advice and only grow Toms inside next year.
I now have 1000's of green toms trying to ripen on window sill and about 4 large tubs in my fridge (mainly cherry) so it will be X & tomato dinners for a few nights!!!

Anonymous said... sorry to hear about your tomatoes. Mine have got blight and as I speak, there is a pan of green tomato chutney on the stove.

1.3kg green tomatoes
675g cooking apples
675g onions
Chop these and place in a large bowl sprinkled with 2 tbsps salt. Leave for few hours/overnight and then drain liquid. Pop in huge pan with 350g sugar, 225g sultanas, 2 tsps mixed spice and 575ml vinegar. Boil up and simmer for 1 1/2 hours.