Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Onions & Sunbathing.....

Saturday the 8th August started with a good old fork.
Yes I spent the morning forking up my onions and lying them in the sun.
After reading the weather forecast this was a good day - Full of lovely Sunshine, so there was
no time to loose with our recent weather of rain, rain and more rain!

So out they came, roots and all for a good old sunbathe for the day

These are the Red Barons sunbathing!
I left them there all day to bask in the heat of the suns' rays & then realised that to get them home, I would have to get my bike trailer out as there was so many of them!

See, it's nearly full, and was hard to pedal back because of the weight!!
I also spent Saturday morning and Sunday morning weeding - both plots needed it badly - 144 & 121 which seems to be overcome with a bramble problem on my half anyway. But despite the brambles, the butternut squash, courgettes and marrows are all doing very well, along with the cucumbers, of which I picked 6 on Sunday morning and gave them to the shop to hand out to anyone who fancied one.
I have 19 cucumber plants all together, and didn't realise that they would all produce so many edible, lovely, delicious cucumbers!! I might have to put a cucumber stall in action soon!

Finally, this is this mornings' bicycle basket harvest of piccolino cucumbers, Roma Tomatoes and some beetroot - that will make a nice lunch later!


Kella said...

Well done on your onion harvest.

19 cucumber plant, what were you thinking :) I normally grow four plants for a family of five and always have too many so this year I have grown only two and still have too many. But I'm afraid to grow only one as Sod's law the plant would probably die.

Jayce Kay said...

Some lovely onions there Ali!
Those cucumbers look nice as well.

Ali said...

Kella - it's the first time I have grown them so I didn't realise! Why do they put so many seeds in one packet????

Jayce Kay - eating one of the cucumbers now - delicious!

Mrs Jones said...

Cucumber plants grow like monsters outdoors these days. I've just got back from my plopment with an entire sainsbury's carrier bag full to bursting with Cobra climbing french beans (dunno what I'm going to do with them all!) as well as about a dozen small-ish cucumbers. So tomorrow I'm going to have a go at making sweet dill pickles with them. BTW, I made your maltese stuffed marrow last week and it was very yummy!

Ali said...

Hello Mrs Jones,
Long time no hear!
I am glad you liked the Maltese recipe. I have experimented further and stuffed one with a chilli con carne I had in the freezer - topped with grated cheese it was yummy.
Sainsbury's has a french bean recipe with pecan nuts - that's delicious. I will try to find it and email it to you.
Ali :0)

Maureen said...

Ali, that's a great harvest of onions you have there. Isn't it so satisfying to see all the hard work come to fruition. I have enough onion and garlic to last me into next year. I only grew 2 cucumber plants in the green house, the burp-less ones, very tasty and large.
I am planning on trying to come and visit your lottie one day as Austin's sister lives in Kenley, so not that far from you, and we visit her every so often.

The syders said...

I love your blog and Im always checking in to see how you are doing.
I hope you dont mind me asking but where did you purchase your bike trolley...Is there an online shop that sells them?

Ali said...

Thanks for your lovely comment The syders, and I am glad you like this blog! I got my bike trailer from EbaY & it came from The Netherlands - I wouldn't recommend this route as it was a lot of hassle to get a problem solved & it didn't even come with a hitch to attach to bike! I would highly recommend http://www.bikesandtrailers.com/ who were a godsend in my hour of need and sold me the perfect hitch so that I was able to connect trailer to bike - they sell exactly the same trailer - The one I have is called The Big Boy and it's perfect for so many things. It was intended to be kept at the lotty but we use it so much at home too that it now stays at home & carts all our grass clippings and kitchen waste to the compost heap!