Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The end of July......

This is yesterdays bicycle harvest.
I roasted the yellow courgettes and beetroot for dinner.
These are the yellow courgettes - "Summer Ball" in their growing position

And some cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine - it's a hard job not to eat them all directly after picking as they taste sooooooo sweet!

A greenhouse cucumber - coming along nicely as it's my first try at growing them.

I have had to put additional string up across the greenhouse as they ran out of growing space!

The hot chilli's

The not so hot chilli's

My aubergines that look like purple cucumbers!

Tomato Roma are starting to ripen in the greenhouse

More Tomato Roma

This morning's bicycle harvest

I love sunflowers!


keewee said...

A lovely harvest indeed. My first cucumber is about three inches long. I can't wait until it is ready to pick.

Kella said...

Harvested my first cucumber today they are outside grown and my roma toms are still green they are also outside. My aubergines are well, still only flowering.

Your harvest looks great by the way.

Maureen said...

Wow ! Ali it's all looking great. I love your basket on the bike, and it's contents look yummy.

Ali said...

Thanks Keewee - my first year of growing cucumbers so I am really pleased.

Hi Kella - they taste so much better don't they? I am growing Picolino (snack cucumber) and Bedfordshire which is outdoor ridge type. I have about 18 plants in all so will be overcome by cucumbers!

Hello Mo - I love my basket too, but unfortunately its dented badly as my bike keeps falling over. i will get a new one for next year - bigger one!!