Sunday, 26 July 2009

Potato Harvest & Cashalton Lavender Weekend

Ok, so this is not a potato, but my first outdoor cucumber - a hairy, knobbly one, but a cucumber all the same!

Ah, now that looks more like it - these are my 1st Earlies (Charlottes) which I freshly dug out of the ground on Saturday morning. I forgot they were there until I found the little marker by the marker in front of the Kestrel 2nd Earlies!!
It was for once a beautiful sunny day & boy was it hot whilst digging, so much so that I had to stop half way through for a break and a nice cuppa.

These are the Kestrels. I thought it best to let them dry a little in the warm sun before putting them into the hessian sack bought especially for the job from the Trading Hut.

Now to the Lavender Weekend. I was on duty at the event from 10am to 12.30pm. I was there to get new people to sign up as members & to allow them to shop in the Trading Hut (see
I did quite well, signing up 6 members.
Whilst there, a red admiral butterfly landed on my foot and stayed there for quite some time.

The view from where I was, looking up towards the allotments with the Trading Hut in the distance (below the flats)

Some of the stalls selling lavender plants and products

And here is the local beekeepers stall, selling honey, honeycombe & much more

And finally - I managed to get a picture of the very same
Red Admiral Butterfly
This time without my foot!


ReapWhatYouGrow said...

So glad you got some photos of the day. I forgot my camera. Your potatoes look great, and the outdoor cucumber - I didn't know they existed!

Ali said...

Hi Moyra,
Yes, managed to get a few shots on my mobile as I forgot my camera too, hence the not too brilliant photos. Outdoor cucumbers - I will probably have a glut of them as I have 10 plants outside and 2 in the greenhouse so will probably be handing them out soon - stop by!! Nigel sells the seeds in the shop / trading hug.