Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bicycle Harvest & Other photos

Today's Bicycle Harvest - A large courgette, A Jemmer Courgetter (yell0w) and a little pot of peas!

A lady bug on my Greenhouse Cucumber

A weird Lady bug on the hops leaf

The Aubergine in the Greenhouse

what am I going to do with all these mini cucumbers?!?

My pot of peas which will go in tonights dinner

And last by not least - my very first green pepper!
(with more to follow as you can see)

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Kella said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your aubergine.

My yellow courgete plant succumbed to slugs so I won't be getting any of those this year but i still have my tennis ball and regular green shape ones.

If you want to id your ladybirds this is the site to go to

And if you think its a harlequin invader then visit this site for a more indepth description of its may guises

keewee said...

It is so exciting to finally harvest the veggies.