Sunday, 4 March 2012

Woody Wood Chips!

I have been to the Lotty several times this week

But each time I have either forgotten my Camera or my Phone

So here's what's happened  - as you can see, wood chips have been refreshed

Tatty & Hilda are now cable tied to the fence so they won't keep on falling face down in the mud on a windy day or when passing kids decided to push them over

I also took my table out of the Shed
& refreshed the wood chips by the Composting Bins

So it all looks nice and ready for the Spring.
I just need to get another lot down along the path, so that it's not so slippery.

That path is used a lot now, so wear and tear takes it's toll!


Rooko said...

Paths & edging looking tidy, the scarecrows are magnificent.

Ali said...

Thanks Rooko - the scarecrows were magnificent once upon a time, but are now looking very weathered - probably more suitable to the allotment than when they were first made a couple of years ago though!