Monday, 30 January 2012

The Frost didn't come so I got of off my Bum....

....and went to my Lotty for another tidy up!




Oops I forgot the After, but trust me, it's been done

This is the other side of the Brassica's -  you can just see the After bit to the left
This bed didn't really need much weeding but it was good to turn it over 

I don't  know if you can see from the next two pictures, but I made a ridge all along the edging

You can't really see it unless you squint but it's there - trust me - I'm an


And so is he - that's Doug who stopped for a chat today


@MeAndMyLottie said...

looking very tidy, puts mine to shame, must get down and get tidied...

Ali said...

Thanks Joy, I had a few hours so I thought I best get down there and I am glad I did now as the weather here has really turned very very cold! I am sure you'll have yours sorted in no time. thanks for the comment x

Rooko said...

Very impressed, looking very tidy,just got back from my plot too cold earlier, the suns blazing away now, tut! tut! Thanx for looking in on my blog.

SmithGang said...

Nice tidying :) I have to say thats some awesome looking soil .it'll b warm soon then busy, busy, busy..

Ali said...

Hi SmithGang - our soil is Chalky Soil as we are in original Lavender country and yes it will hopefully be warmer soon than the recent -6 we have just had!
Hi Rooko - thanks I like to keep it looking tidy. I can't wait to get back down there however ground is still frozen solid.

Suporna Sarkar said...

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I Like This Very Much.
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Lesley Beeton said...

Hi, did the snow in Feb stop the work? Looking forward to seeing the next instalment.

A lovely blog.

Lesley x.

Ali said...

Thanks Suporna - i try my hardest to keep up to date with my allotment work!
Lesley - yes the snow stopped work totally - i couldn't even walk down my road for a few days let alone get to the allotment, but I am back on track now :0)