Thursday, 29 March 2012

Potatoes & Peas!

As I had some Pentland Javelin "chitting" in my utility room and these are 1st Earlies, so as they can be dug up in July I decided to pop them in!

Here are my tools of the trade

I put in my line so I would put them in straight

And here's my bulb planter

In it goes and fingers crossed for July

I did put in a row of peas alongside too but I forgot to take photo's!


Rooko said...

Nice idea with the "hand held bulb planter" for spuds. I've got a few earlies done so far, but I prefer to wait for the main crop. My peas are doing well with more currently in trays waiting to be planted.

Ali said...

Hi Rooko,
It always seems to work for me and with good results too!
My peas are still hiding but it's only been a few days yet.