Wednesday, 28 March 2012

More Tidying up & Toad is back!

I returned to Plot 144 today, to do some more digging, weeding and general tidying up.  I won't bore you with pictures of soil patches where weeds once lived!

Not only did I weed, but I topped up the pond from the water tank, I cleaned the top of my water butt which was full of green slime, I put 4 pots into the greenhouse and filled them with marigold seeds in the hope that they will germinate, re attached the auto vent thingy to the back vent and found Toad in the bottom of a watering can.

If you remember, I found Toad a while ago, chucked him out, he came back, so I chucked him out again and now he's back!

So I was a little worried that he was in the bottom of a watering can, so I filled a deep tray with water (from the can he was in and tipped him out.

He seemed very happy - if you look closely you can just mad out his head popping out in the middle of the picture.

Last but not least are the leeks that I dug up, cleaned and brought home for dinner.

Oh I nearly forgot - I had to leave the plot earlier than I wanted to, due to a very SELFISH allotment holder on a nearby plot who insisted on making a fire!  It was 3pm when I arrived and the fire was already alight.  It got VERY smokey and I felt sorry for the neighbouring houses with windows open and possible laundry hanging outside.
By 4.30 it all got too much, my eyes were getting sore and I had started to cough as the smoke got very bad, so I closed up my shed and decided to leave early.

Before I did, I did shout across to Mr Selfish and ask him to calm the smoke down a little.  He was VERY rude in his response with words like "they should close their windows and take their washing in if they don't like it" so when I asked him his plot number he asked "are you going to report me?"  

"No I am going to send you a free ticket to the Gardening Show" I felt like saying.  Of course I reported him, I am on the committee after all, and although the Bonfire Ban does not come into force until 1st April 2012, people who do have a bonfire then, should do so taking others into consideration!

Plot holders like him will give all us allotmenteers a bad name.


Plot 42Eand 42W said...

LOL looks like the roads doesn't want to go or it may want to come with you when you move, your plot is still looking good and so do your leeks. When people have fires on our allotment even though your not allowed, we get the blame because we are at the front and first persons they see.

Lesley Beeton said...

Bonfire Ban? Is there such a thing?

On another matter - I am at war with mice eating my germinating seedlings in the greenhouse. I'm dealing with it but hate clearing out the dead mice in the morning.

How does everyone else deal with this furry problem?

Lesley x.

Ali said...

Yes we have a bonfire ban so there must be such a thing!! It's enforced by our Local Council so not much we can do about it!
Toad looks adamant that he's staying put - I will have to start charging him rent LOL.
Don't know what to suggest re: mice as I don't have that problem - sorry - maybe there is someone else out there that can help??
Ali x