Sunday, 1 April 2012

Potato Competition!

Before I get to the Potato Competition, here are pictures (not very exciting) of the Cucino seed that I sowed at the greenhouse the other day

However I have brought them home as they need a more constant temperature to germinate
Oh yes, there is also a pot of Basil (brown pot) at the back.

Now for the Potato Competition
How very exciting and all for only  a £1 entry fee

So I got my pot & seed potato

Popped in some compost and then the potato

I labelled and watered it
my fingers are now crossed

There are two Prizes

One is for the biggest crop
One is for the biggest potato!!

When I went to the Trading Hut today to pay my £1, I found out that there were already 8 entrants, so that's good.


Lesley Beeton said...

Fingers crossed for your prize-winning potato crop!

Thought you might like to see my Versatile Blogger Awards.

Lesley x.

Plot 42Eand 42W said...

Good luck in your potatoe competition.