Friday, 27 August 2010

Tomatoes, Onion & a plum thief to report!

Another load of Tomatoes picked - Now having a little soak and wash before being made it a sauce.

Some of the onions drying out in the Greenhouse.....

But I need the space in there to dig up and dry off the Potates (all 7 rows), so I had to make a start on stringing the onions up

So a few nails strategically placed in the shed

and hey presto, I have already managed 3 onion strings!

And yes, over the weekend, some really awful person has decided that it's ok to help themselves to my plums, my lovely plums that were almost ready before the weekend, as I had tried one myself on Thursday.  I decided that a few more days on the tree would help them to ripen that little bit more, and make them taste a little sweeter, but after a weekend away in York and upon my immediate return on Tuesday, they were all gone.

The detective work will have to start!!


Rachael said...

oooh I would be absolutely furious!!

Green Lane Allotments said...

I know how you feel we once had this happen to us which prompted us to plant a couple of greengages as they don't look ripe when they are! We now pick as oon as the plums are nearly ripe and let them ripen off the tree. Some people are just low life!

Mark N said...

You need to sort them out good and proper. Professor plum, in the library with the lead pipe. Get my drift.