Tuesday, 10 August 2010

August: confessions and harvesting....

My confession is that I do feel guiltly that I haven't updated my Allotment Blog for what seems like ages, but I do have a very very good reason.  You see, me and Hubby have been on the road to "Adoption" since October 2008. We did all the required course and got "Approved" in September 2009.  Since then we have been searching for a little boy to come and share our lives.  I say little - 5 years old plus.  Anyway, it's finally happened and instead of the normal "9months" you would have to prepare if you gave birth naturally or "3months" which is the norm in adoption, we are getting 6 weeks! so now you can understand my slight loss of computer time as we have been busy preparing a room for Junior as he will be here mid Sept!!

Anyway, back to Plot 144:

I couldn't resist this picture - reminded me of someone wearing a little hat!

This was a very juicy "Fiorentino" tomato - Mmmmmm

One of my chilli's is going red!

Another Fiorentino in the greenhouse ready for picking!

The same chilli getting redder!

 Oh look at the sweet peppers - nearly ready and way ahead of the ones outside!

And finally, my water butt needed brightening up so I bought so wheelie bin stickers from the Pound Shop and now its very SPRING like!!

We have been eating lots of produce from the allotment including: Lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, courgettes, potatoes, cucumbers & khol rhabi!  I have been planning my recipes around my produce rather than the normal way of findig a recipe book and going off to the supermarket for ingredients! Last night I made Potato & courgette gratin which was a massive hit! Mmmmmmm


Carolyn said...


Dee Sewell said...

Hi Ali,

Your peppers look so healthy.... and big! I love your water butt too.

Hope everything goes well with Jnr :D

Jayce Kay said...

Very well done and congrats on your adoption news Ali.

What a lovely butt you have!


Allotment Blogger said...

Wow, that's great news on the adoption front, and I'm envious of your chilli - my Royal Black has only just come into flower!

Damo said...

Congratulations on your news!

maureen said...

Ali it must be such a relief to finally tell the world, well the blogging world anyway !! about your fab news. CONGRATULATIONS x

Your tomatoes look great, it's fantastic eating your own grown isn't it ? my kitchen sometimes resembles a greengrocers shop after coming home from the allotment, as I suspect yours does too.
Have a good week.
M x

Rachael said...

That is fantastic news for all concerned. I hope your little boy will enjoy helping you on the allotment!

Choco said...

Heck at least you have a decent excuse! I have to keep reminding myself to blog all the ideas that come to me when I'm at the plot. I should use a notebook really....