Sunday, 29 August 2010

More Tomatoes, Chilli's, Hangings & a good tidy up

I had a bit of time on my hands today (Saturday) so I decided that after a few household chores, I would spend some "proper" time at the allotment.  I desperately needed to get rid of the onions that have been drying in the Greenhouse, give the said Greenhouse a jolly good tidy up and re- arrange and stuff like that.

This was my first "sighting" when opening the GH door - and that's just one of them!

Another ripe Fiorentino tomato ready to pick

And this is the result of more pickings from the GH and outside.  Outside, there are so many Roma, Cherry & Fiorentino tomatoes still to ripen - lets hope they do before the blight comes.

These are the "hangings" - I actually had another lot but I gave one away to a fellow allotment holder that didn't have such a successful crop.
 She was very reluctant to take them but I told her of my 5 strings of the over wintering onions currently hanging in my store room at home and I convinced her that she will have some crop more successful than mine so we can swap then!
Now for the big GH tidy up - as you can see the onions are well and truly gone!  I inspected all the tomato plants and if they didn't have anything much left on them I composted them.

 This means that I can now actually walk into my GH with more ease and I have re located the Sweet Peppers in their growbag from the middle of the floor to the very end by the vents as in this picture to the right.
 As you can see, the Sweet Peppers are looking really good.  I have 3 Sweet Pepper plants outside too, but they are not doing so well - alot smaller but they will catch up.

And now for my Chilli Plants - next year I won't be going so mad on the quantity of Chilli Plants I grow - I have far too many for only 2 people to consume.  I might ask the local curry house if they will do me a swap - a dozen chilli's for a chicken madras - it's worth a try!

 This is one of several aubergines thriving in the GH - sorry about the picture - it's sideways and not your vision gone funny!
And last but not least is my favourite Sweet Pepper - my only one that's turning a slight shade of red.


Damo said...

Wow those tomatoes and onions look fantastic!

Paul said...

I'm not sure the Curry House will take your chilli's Ali. Most of them buy in a stock curry sauce and then add various prepacked spices to get the different curries they use. They probably wouldn't know what a chilli looked like, let alone what to do with it.

Green Lane Allotments said...

We had a really bizarrely shaped Costoluto which will feature in my blog later this week. As for frogs our site is alive wih frogs, toads and newts. It's not unusual for one to pop out of beds when I am weeding or picking fruit. One time I looked down to see a big green one sitting on top of the strawberries in the punnet I'd been popping them into.

Ali said...

Thanks Damo

Paul, there is a curry house (kenyan/indian combo) that I frequent alot in South Croydon - they cook everything from scratch and have said they would buy my chilli's! I have given them the odd one here and there in the past. If you ever end up in SCroydon look up Zara's Kitchen - the food is FAB.

GLA - we have a few frog sightings around our allotment but I have never heard of one resident in a GH before! I will look out for your blog post re: Cosoluto. Thanks!

Green Lane Allotments said...

We have had frogs in the GH in the past - they would suddenly jump out when we were watering. We have quite a few make for our garden pond during the spawning season. I'm not sure whether we actually have a resident or just a few that come and go.