Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Green Tomato, Red Tomato!

Yes, my tomatoes are starting to ripen & the little cherry toms are getting redder by the day!

Both inside the greenhouse and outside on the plot!

As you can see the chilli plants are also doing well - all four of them

And I even have a sweet pepper growing too!

Now I did have to do a bit of re- arranging in the Greenhouse as some of the plants were going bananas, so to speak! The Aubergines which were under the bench, and hitting the top, had to be lifted and put on the bench itself. I just hope it doesn't collapse under the strain.

And the melons that were on the bench are now both on the floor and they are spreading their arms out like wildfire. I am pleased to report that I do have some baby, baby melons (about the size of a large pea) in situ so watch this space!

And finally, as you already know, I came 4th in Sutton In Bloom 2010.  My friend and fellow blogger - see
Andrew Stanley (pictured below) and kindly invited me to Roundshaw Allotments to see their site and his plots, which were fantastic.  Andrew came 2nd in the same competition & well done to him.  I had a lovely morning, with a nice cup of coffee and a good old chin wag about all things allotment!  Thank you Andrew.


Anonymous said...

Everything is looking brilliant. Its ace looking around other allotment sites! Love being nosey and seeing what other people are doing!

Damo said...

I've not grown melons before so looking forward to seeing how yours progress.

Maureen said...

Hi Ali, well done on 4th place that's really good for your first time. I'm so envious of you as my millions of tomatoes large and small show NO sign of going red, perhaps I should take the shading net of the greenhouse. I have zillions ( I do exaggerate !!)of cucumbers and giving loads away.

Also I'm excited that so far 3 aubergines are getting bigger every day, they are outside the greenhouse now and doing much better, this is my 3rd try and I was about to give up, but noticed that RHS Wisley put theirs outside in June, so I copied them.
Have a lovely week.
m x