Friday, 16 July 2010

Wind Damage and other goings on

This was a very sad sight to behold when I arrived at the plot this morning. I very nearly cried, however I quickly pulled myself together, got some cable ties and duck tape from the shed and repaired my Sweet Potato Suite as best I could.  Fortunately the sweet potatoes don't seem to be any worse off for it.

The next damage was to the Gherkin Wigwam - it had completely fallen over, so Brian from the next plot down (144a) helped me to untangle the string that the gherkins were growing up and advised to leave the bamboo canes out for now until the winds died down.  In the meantime Mr Chilli Head the wind sock is now in the shed for fear of him flying half way across the county!

More damage was to the tomato support canes both here in raised bed#1 and to the canes supporting the tomatoes mid plot.  Again it was the cable ties to the rescue and some more canes for extra support as the winds are still high today.  Fortunately I didn't have any "snapped" tomato plants - phew!

I then made a cuppa and after a chat with Brian whilst we drank our tea, I got to work on lifting the last of the Earlies.  Due to the small, quick but heavy downpours we were having off and on, I put the spuds on the floor of the shed to dry out.

Not as many as I was hoping for but without the rain this year, this is better than nothing and they haven't suffered with rust either.

In thier place, I planted 2 rows of leeks - a little late in the year, but it worked well for me last year.

So I got my dibber out and got dibbing and dropped the leeks in, and then watered them in afterwards, as the ground is still dry once you getting digging, despite the amount of rain we have had in recent days.

 And finally, I put 14 cabbage plants in the remaining potato space - 7 Greyhounds and 7 Savoys, covered them with netting and watered them in.

A few hours well spent today.


Damo said...

Sorry to see the wind damage, my plot's quite sheltered so got away with it. Hope it dies down soon.

Paul said...

I wish someone would invent a long handled leek dibber with a tread bar. It seems to be such a simple tool but there is nothing available. The nearest I can find is a bulb planter which takes out a plug (not required) or a potato planter which makes too big a hole. I may have to pay someone to make me one.

Ali said...

Hey Damo,

Yes we were a little unfortunate this time, however at least my greenhouse is intact, as i rememember the winds of Nov 09 not being so nice that time & I lost 2 panels!!

Hey Paul,

What a good idea - maybe YOU should invent one? You could make a fortune!