Saturday, 5 June 2010

Plot update....

My Broad Beans are nearly ready - I feel a Broad Bean and Bacon Risotto coming soon!
I managed to get all the plants of the staging to the right of the Greenhouse, which has made room for about 80% of my tomatoes to remain inside, protected & hopefully blight free!
I put in this very neat row of 16 leeks yesterday - I left it until around 5pm but still melted in the heat.
 I also planted another row of radishes - fortunately this was in a more shady spot so I didn't feel like dying in the heat!

And this is one I prepared earlier!

Nigel kindly bought this sign for me - he went to the Isle of Wight on his holidays - how kind and thoughtful is that!
And finally - this is my latest project - a vineyard!
No not really, only joking, me and hubby went to the Godstone Vineyard off the A22 for a little day trip yesterday.

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Joy McCarthy said...

Blimey Ali! Our broad beans are just starting to form & are about 2" long now. And I thought we were doing well!

Love the sign and your nice neat labels.