Thursday, 3 June 2010

A day of sunshine and lots to do!

 As you can see from my trailer, I had lots to bring to the allotment!  3 bags of grass cutting, two bags of kitchen scraps, an unwanted wigwam thingy & last but not least my sweet potato slips!
I started by mulching the fruit trees with grass cuttings.
I then mulched the courgettes with some left over straw that I found in the shed from last year.

 Then in went the baby cucumbers "cucino" - I put these at the front of the brassica bedroom.  They look like they are standing on guard!
 Next I put in 4 "bedfordshire" cucumbers around the metal wigwam thingy, and planted a few Cherry & Roma tomatoes, as I didn't have room for all my tomatoes in the greenhouse.
 Of course, I labelled them all up!
I also sunk a small potting pot next to each tomato plant and companion planted with marigolds.

Then came the fun bit.  I had to crawl into the Sweet Potato Suite to plant the slips!

It was extremely hot in there and I was glad to get out once all 10 slips had been planted.  I had made the polytunnel just the right size as all 10 slips were planted 18inches apart as per the instrucutions!
I was glad to get out of there I can tell you!!

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