Friday, 28 May 2010

Lots going on + I had some help today!!

Yes, I had some help today - my lovely husband came to the rescue with screws and a screw driver & he expertly put my "Dig for Victory" sign on my shed door. 
He even brought his spirit level with him to make sure it was straight!
And there it is looking FAB!

A view from further down the plot

And this is from the top of my plot looking down
 And this is the view as you walk into the gate - as you can see I have left a bit of a "wildlife reserve" to the left - this is for 2 reasons.  One is to assist the wildlife that may like to live there e.g. hedgehogs, ladybugs etc & the 2nd is because it contains a lot of brambles & nettles - which is good as it will deter any good for nothing "let go and get into the allotment and do some damage" type yobs from climbing over.  There is anti climb paint along all the fences and columns etc but it all helps.

Now for the busy bit!  I had a good re organisation of the greenhouse as I want to keep as many tomato plants in there as possible this year to save them from blight, so out came a couple of "cucino" which are minature cucumbers.

I have kept 2 inside just in case.  So 2 are now outside hardening off & my fingers are well and truly crossed.

A selection of other plants followed to make more room indoors, including - Leeks, Beans, Cauliflowers and a few surplus Cherry & Roma Tomatoes.

This gave me room in the greenhouse to pot on Chilli Peppers, Aubergines, 12 cherry tomatoes and the 2 cucino cucumbers that will be benefiting from the protection the greenhouse has to offer.

This is one of the Cucino with Roma tomatoes in the background.  Eventually I will take out the trays (pictured above) which will allow the tomatoes to grow to their full height.

These are the Fiorentino Tomatoes (beefstake)which will all be staying indoors.  More potting on tomorrow but first I have to buy some more big pots!


Maureen said...

Ali, it looks so good and I love your sign. Ahhh and Mr C came in very handy, he made a good job of that. I had some help today as well as Austin helped me on the plot by trimming the edges of the grass paths.

Damo said...

I love your Dig for Victory sign.