Thursday, 10 June 2010

Onions, Gnomes, Broad Beans & more.....

The Onions on plot 121 are coming along very nicely

Potty the Gnome is happily standing guard outside my shed & greenhouse.

Even my carrots are doing well this year - I have planted these in between onions to deter carrot root fly, or to try to at least!

And I have a baby Cucino Cucumber that's nearly ready to munch on!

The courgettes are coming along

And the Broad Beans are ready for picking

So that's exactly what I did! Broad Bean and Bacon Risotto tonight! Mmmmm


Damo said...

Wow well done you're way ahead of me!

Allotment Blogger said...

I've been picking broad beans, peas and even my first strawberries this week - which is three weeks later than last year! Your courgettes are ahead of mine and my cucumber isn't even flowering yet.

Ali said...

I think we are about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of the North and at least a month behind ourselves on this time last year. I now have had 2 full meals from our B Beans, gave one portion away (to be returned when my neighbours B Beans are big enough) and 2 batches are in the freezer. Planting #2 has baby beens and planting #3 is still at the infancy/flowering stage. I must say though that my Pre Xmas planting did get less Blackfly than #2 & #3 which where planted in March / April !!