Tuesday, 15 June 2010

More surprises & some new planting out!

I found my 1st courgette on plot 144 yesterday

 I also found my 1st tomato in the greenhouse!!

I planted out some Gherkins (I love them pickled)

I also got around to finding a small free space for some cos lettuces!  I have put fizzy pop bottles over these to act as mini cloches, as the temperatures at night are still not that fantastic!

And due to the fast occuring lack of space, I put 3 courgette plants in between the fruit trees  The wood wigwams are purely there to remind me not to step on them!!  They do however look a little like cucumbers at the moment but who cares!

And finally, I have said time and time again that I don't lke to wear gardening gloves, well this is what happens after the first 10 minutes at the plot! oh er!!


Damo said...

I hate wearing gloves too, why would you want to lose one of your senses when doing something you enjoy?

Ali said...

It ruins my nails and my manicure lady is always telling me off but there is NO other way to garden. I only wear gloves if there are brambles or nettles involved as I am not that mad!!