Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Busy Bees & Sunflowers

I planted some Dwarf Sunflowers to "pretty" up the plot a little

 Within 5 minutes of putting them in, I had a little visitor who was quite happy for the next 10 minutes or so.

I pulled out what was left of the 1st batch of Broad Beans and raked it all over - ready for a few more tomato plants, so I can free up a little more space in my greenhouse

I then planted some more cos lettuces around the Gherkin Wigwam so I now have a Cos Circle!

Sweet potato news - Well as you can see most of them are ok, apart from the one to the front right - it's lost all it's leaves, but still has a nice healthy stem!


Damo said...

Your sunflowers look great I'll have to try some dwarf ones.

Ali said...

Hi Damo,

I love these little ones - I am going to save their seed this year (unless the birds get them first) so I have a ready supply for next year as they are quite expensive in the GC !