Friday, 18 June 2010

Step by Step - Bed by Bed - A walk along my Plot

This bed is to the back right as you come out of the shed or greenhouse - It has Swede, Spinach & Beetroot

Directly in front of the greenhouse are Parsnips, Peas and Radishes

 Next to the peas are the Onions and Carrots

 And next to the Onions and Carrots are a row of Leeks

The potatoes come next, Earlies followed by Desiree & Cara's

Next to the potatoes to the front are the Cucumbers which I hope will climb up and unwanted metal sweetpea column, so I thought I would make good use of it, with a row (not block) of Sweetcorn behind

Alongside the sweetcorn row is a row of Cherry & Roma Tomatoes which are accompanied by some French Marigolds and to the left again are some Fiorentino Tomatoes

Along the back you will find another row of peas and some Primo Cabbages & Kohl Rabi which are under the netting tunnel - To the right and left of Tatty the Scarecrow (this also applies to Hilda) are some Vines which I hope to get some grapes off, and you may also notice some red & yellow dahlias that I planted to liven up the bit of "waste ground" against the fence.

To the left of the Fiorentino Tomatoes are 3 Californian Sweet Peppers which are under cloches for the warmth & some Lettuces which are being protected from slugs with the "rings"

Next is a row of Dwarf French Beans

And in front of the French Beans is the Sweetcorn which is planted in a block, interplanted with Butternut Squash

Next is the "Brassica Bed - your guess is as good as mine" but I can see signs of Cauliflowers and Broccoli already.  In front of the Brassica Bed are two Cucino (mini) cucumbers

Next is my row of mini fruit trees - Apple, Plum & Pear - these are interplanted with Courgette plants and to the very back of this row is The Pond

Bed 3 is home to Broad Beans #3  & some of last years leeks which are still tasting good

In front of the leeks are 3 Courgette plants

And in front of the Courgettes is the Gherkin WigWam which I have circled with Cos Lettuces - some of which are under pop bottle cloches to see the difference between cloche grown and non cloche grown.

The rear of Bed 2 is home to Cut and Come again Lettuce, Spring Onions, Mizuna & Rocket & in front of this is the Sweet Potato Suite

Bed 1 which housed the first planting of Broad Beans (they are now either eaten or in the freezer) is now home to some more Fiorentino Tomatoes,  

And a later sowing of Dwarf French Beans

To the front of Bed 1 is the 2nd sowing of Broad Beans & you will notice the
Dwarf Sunflowers making the entrance to the plot (as this is where our side gate is) look pretty

And last but not least - in the middle of my plot, I have sown
PLOT 144 in mustard cress seeds which will look great in a couple of days!


Lucky Seven said...

Looking fab ! You allways seem to have your veg so early!

love it !

Mrs Jones said...

Good god! You're like a one-woman vegetable growing MACHINE! You absolutely put me to shame with your sheer fabulosity. And undoubted hard work!

Tracey said...

Wow there's so much to see in your plot and everything's looking very neat. Good to see your peppers under the bell cloches, I've been wondering whether to plant mine out in a plot or in pots.

Also good to see your lettuces without a trace of slug damage, do those plastic rings really work then?

Ali said...

Lucky Seven - Thanks - we have been luckier than most with our weather here down South I think!

Mrs Jones - Indeed - I feel like a one woman veg growing machine sometimes!! An hour a day seems to do the trick but the weeding always needs doing!!

Tracey- I put the peppers under cloches last year and they did ok but not as good as the ones in the Greenhouse!! Yes the plastice lettuce rings really do work! I have used the for about 3 years now.

Peter Banroft said...

Very interesting - that's a HUGE amount of veg and do very well very early. OK, so I'm new at this but you've well and truly put me to shame.

ReapWhatYouGrow said...

Hi Ali,
Long time no see but I have seen your plot which is looking GREAT!

We've entered the kids for 2 competitions, sunflowers and best plot (needing a bit of work before then I suspect!), so we might see you then if not before.

Steph said...

wow, looks fabulous, well done!