Saturday, 22 May 2010

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Can you make out the flowers on my Tomato plants?

 A view of my plot looking East - I have the greenhouse door wide open and a piece of trellis acts as a cat guard!

The Sweetcorn is sunbathing

& I planted out the lettuce that Derek gave me.

 Watering the Onions and Garlic on 121
They are doing really well and I can't wait to harvest the garlic as they look big and fat and full of flavour
And watering my potatoes too, because I have seen the old boys watering theirs!

My courgette was about to flower, and the next day it did!

Watering the peas and parsnips

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Julie - Kailexness said...

It's so exciting watching all the plants grow isn't it, I put my peas and beans out this week as we are going away and they will fry in the conservatory, I can't wait for the smalls to pick some veg, cook it and eat it :-)