Thursday, 20 May 2010

Going Potty & my Dogs enjoy a day out!

 Yesterday morning, I helped to unload the new delivery of compost etc. with the boys, and after that I went to work on my plot 144.    There was a rumour that the council inspectors were on site, and guess what - it was true!  I caught up with them just as they were leaving.  Lets just hope that the few plots that remain unworked can be claimed back ASAP to give people who want to grow veg, the chance too!

As you can see, I had a little mix up with my broccoli & brussels, so the appropriate sign had to be made!!

It took me ages to get the netting on the metail build a ball frame by myself, but I managed - eventually

The tadpoles are doing well!

Everything needed a good soaking as it has been dry for days and with the hot sun, the ground was dry and cracked up. (not in a funny / laughing way)

I had to pot on all my tomatoes, all 48 of them as they were getting leggy and pot bound - they obviously should be outside by now, but I can't risk it. 

 So the Fiorentino (Beefstake) and Roma's went into large pots, which have been spread around the greenhouse floor.
The cherry tomaotes went into slightly smaller pots and put on the staging. I then potted on the chilli plants and also planted some more peas as #2 had just gone outside.

So it's all looking a bit "full" in the greenhouse at the moment.  I had to move some pots and tins into the shed to make room for more pots and trays in the Greenhouse!

I had two visitors to the plot today - my dogs Scooby Doo (blue roan) and Perdita (orange roan)  They surprised me as they were very well behaved! They can come again!


Mrs Jones said...

Your doggies are just too cute! I have an image of them walking themselves down to the allotment to see what you're up to!

Someone donated their build-a-ball cage to me the other day and I've just constructed it - bloody fab! So much better than pop bottles on top of bamboo canes!

allotment blogger said...

Ali, you've done so much better with your brassica cage than I did - I had to duck out and get himself to put the netting on ours while I made constant cups of tea and did the weeding ...

Paul and Melanie said...

Wow, all looks great and love the brasica sign :)

Are those ball-cage things good? I was looking at the metal rod style ones to build a covered fruit area on my plot later this year...

Ali said...

Mrs Jones - thanks they are cuties aren't they & I can't believe how well behaved they were. Went to pet shop today to buy them a new cushion 4 their bed, so I can take the old one to the shed for more days out!! Yes the build a ball cage is FAB - lucky you to have one given to you!

allotmentblogger - at least you get help! My hubby said he would come this week but still hasn't managed it, so I had to take it slowly and do it single handed. Netting kept on getting caught in my hair, but a small price to pay.

Paul & Melanie - thanks re: brassica sign - you have to have a laugh don't you!! I would highly recommend the build a ball cage - this is year 2 for me now and it went up again fine and very easy. The hard bit was putting over the netting and securing, but if you are using it for fruit area it will be permanently in place so you won't need to move it. I got it from Harrod Horticulture - phoned through the measurements and they worked out what metal bits I would need!! A very good service & mine came to about £35 so money well spent. I did try it with bamboo canes but not a good fit as each cane has a different end size. Bought the balls separately £15 I think. Hope this helps!

Maureen said...

Hi Ali, I love the brassica sign.

I have mixed up my courgettes this year, I am growing 4 different kinds and now I don't know which is what and to make matters worse I grew a few of each, so could end up planting 4 of the same!!!
I have had the build a balls for a couple of years, and as you said canes are useless as they differ in girth at each end. I will eventually buy the metal rods for them. Your dogs are so cute. M x

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Very impressive! I particularly like the tadpoles. I wonder what a build-a-ball is?

Ali said...

Thanks Lisa & Robb - this is a link to the build a ball system I think you can get them in garden centres etc. too.