Tuesday, 18 May 2010

In - Out - In - Out - shake it all about!

It was one of those days here yesterday (weatherwise).  The sun was shining brightly in the sky, so after watering all the plants in the greenhouse, I took some of them outside, including the dwarf french beans & peas.  After about 30 minutes and the war on weeds = me winning, it had cloulded over and felt as few spits in the air, so the plants all went in the Greenhouse again!

Then the sun came out as quickly as it had disappeared - no more clouds and no spits of rain, so I decided that enough was enough.  Come rain or shine, those peas need to be outside - NOW!  As you can see they were getting very pot bound, and it hasn't really been warm to put them out until now, apart from the odd day sunbathing.
I had to carefully untangled all the roots as delicately as I could and I managed to get most of them loose and complete, into the hole in the ground in one piece.  Tatty is going to be looking after the 2nd row of peas - the 1st row I put out about a month ago, by the greenhouse & parsnips. 

 Next - I keep on finding these little sprouts from the ground.  Yes you've guessed it, they are last years potatoes!  Now I have dug, dug, rotavated & raked this piece of plot many a time this year, and still these sprouts, sprout! I can't believe I have missed so many spuds!! there must be at least 7 of these & I am going to try and leave them be and see what happens.

Next job was to plant out the radishes, so I put them in between the parsnips, as the parsnips will take ages, and the radishes will be a fast growing crop.(can you see the first lot of peas to the left??)

Ah, my spinach - yes it's doing well!

As are my beetroot, but there were a few patches, so

I did a quick repair job, and sowed more seed in the gaps!


Kella said...

the only problem with leaving last year's spud in the ground is that if there was any blight on them they can start the disease off earlier this year on the plot, so outside of just removing them, harvest them as new potatoes and discard the foliage before any signs of blight appear.

I hate to waste and that is what I would probably do.

maureen said...

I want to know how you and Mr C can possible eat all this veg. Nice work there Ali I can't wait to visit. M x

Ali said...

Kella - I actually dug one up by accident and it was a tiny wee little thing dangling on the end (potato wise & stop laughing) so I chucked it on the compost. Then I noticed 4 huge and I mean HUGE potato plants growing in the compost (well out the sides) I asked the old boys and they said they eat their compost potatoes!!

Mo - we always run out of onions, garlic & potatos. I make chutneys from the left over (if there are any) beetroot and courgettes & toms, and freeze the rest e.g. sweetcorn etc. In face we had sweetcorn from the freezer the other day - not bad! :0) We don't eat out alot so that probably helps oh, and did I mention we are both 30stone and eat loads (haha not really!!) :0)

Kella said...

I would eat my compost potatoes too, they would probably taste even better for all the lovely nutrients they were grown in :)