Sunday, 16 May 2010

A busy mid May....

I went to the plot every day this week doing little jobs here and there including the weeding!  I find that doing an hour here and two hours there is easier for my foot to cope with than doing a six hour stint at a time!       Here are my Aubergines (2nd attempt as the snails got the first lot!

And these are my newly planted seed of Marigolds & leeks
I managed to buy a grow bag for £2 and put some sweet peppers in it

And my strawberry plants on 122 are looking good

These are the onions on 122

And the Garlic next door to the onions on 122

Also on plot 122 are my main crops, again showing sprouts of life after being earthed up to protect them from the frosts last week

And finally the last sowing of Broad Beans which I planted out in the week.  In the middle are some Broccoli Raab which I got free (seed packet) with a magazine. Never tried them before so I will let you know what they are like!


Anonymous said...

hi there have just discoverered your blog and just had to say hello, I have just discovered the joys of vegetable gardening with my first bag of potatoes growing in my back yard crocheting though now thats been an obsession for the last two years. can't wait to see how your allottment grows


Kella said...

Your strawberries are sure looking good, as is everything else.