Friday, 14 May 2010

A busy week at plot 144

The Sweet potato slips (Georgia) arrived yesterday morning. I was amazed that they looked half dead., so I followed the instructions and put them in water to "revive" them overnight

However the next morning they looked no better, so I phoned Thompson Morgan and emailed them a couple of photos. I got a very nice email back with a comparison photo and all looked well, so also as instructed I potted them on in deep root trainers and within 3 weeks they should be fit for the purpose they were intended for!

To Other News from plot 144

The cauliflower plants were looking a little sad - maybe they were getting pot bound or maybe they were too warm in the heated greenhouse?  I may never know, all I do know is that they were about to die, so dispite the weather, I put them outside ..

.....Under cloches and fingers are crossed. 

The Tomatoes, Chillies and Leeks are all enjoying the freezing cold weather, as that means I put the paraffin heater on overnight....

Arthurs Lettuces really want to be outside now, and the pak choi (2nd attempt) are just starting to show too!

 More Tomatoes (cherry) some ridge cucumbers (to the left) and even the aubergines are making progress

As you can see the heater is in position and ready to go

Now this was a surprise find - a pink watering can - and I say surprise because I found it in my Greenhouse!  After scratching my head and asking Derek, who denied all knowledge, I came across Arthur who admitted it was him. He said he was in Wilkinsons, saw it and thought of me!

Back to the heater, and as you can see it's fired up and heating the place up!  I went every evening to turn it on and every morning to turn it off!  It got down to -4degrees one night!!

Now this is my flower seed experiment.  I put a mixture of all my flower seeds into the tub and scattered them on the barren area against the fencing.  Hopefully something amazing will happen and I will have created a flower border.

And finally - the weather warmed up enough yesterday to warrant taking a few Greenhouse residents out to the sunshine for the day.  I put them back inside at night last night, but no heater for the 1st time as it was only down to 4 degrees not -4 last night.!


Kella said...

Oh your hard work is certainly paying off and your plot is steaming along. The pink waterg can is lovely and sweet of your plot neighbour to get it for you, random acts kindness reminds us that there is still some good left in the world.

Mrs Jones said...

Blimey, you've been busy! I've been scuppered this spring by a mix of poor weather and bad health. Just as the weather was getting better I came down with The Monster Cold From Hell which left me literally housebound for a good couple of weeks. I managed a day or two last week and then, a couple of days ago, put my back out and could hardly bend! I'm thinking my plot's going to be so sparse this year.... And I can't get my cucumbers to germinate! /whinge.

Ali said...

Kella - Hi lovely lady - I wish the weather had been better as there is so much to plant out, but I don't want to risk loosing anything, so will probably wait for next week - today I will plan the plot out i think!

Mrs Jones - oh you poor love - I am so sorry to hear you have not been well. If I remember rightly we live quite close by? I can always bring you a couple of cucumber plants if you want - email me your address & I will multimap it & let you know!


Country Bliss said...

That reminds me I was going to plant sweet potatoes this year, I'll have a look at Thompson Morgan & see if they have any left. All my plants really need to be planted out but we're still getting frost here in Cornwall too!

Maureen said...

It's all looking good Ali, you have been busy. I can't wait to get everything out of my greenhouse and into the beds, as I need to rig up some support for the cucumbers and tomatoes that stay in there.
I have that same pink watering can from Wilko's ! IT'S SOOO ME !! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and have a pale pink one from last year, I love the size and the colours.

I have worked on the plot today to take my mind off feeling unwell, but I stayed too long and it got cold (I went up late) so now my ears ache, whinge whinge !! I think I have caught it off that MRS JONES ha ha. I think she's right as well as it looks like it may take 2 weeks to go at this rate.