Sunday, 25 April 2010

The weekend update

 In no particular order....

The Sweetcorn

Cucino (snack size) cucumbers

The "normal" cucumbers after only 7 days

Butternut Squash - 7 days old!

The Garlic "Provance" on plot 121

The Onions on 121 - all weed free

Asparagus Bed

One of many asparagus spears (2nd year)

The Strawberry Bed on 121

The weed free Onions(to the right) and Garlic (to the left) with Maincrop potatoes to the far left - all on Plot 121

Today 2010

April 2009

April 2008

Cable Tie repairs on my bicycle basket

The Hot Chilli Peppers

The Tomatoes have grown really big - wil need potting on again soon

The dwarf french beans have decided to make an appearance


keewee said...

Your garden has come along way since 2008 and sure is looking grand these days. I am sure you look at it now with a great deal of satisfaction.

Julia said...

You are so far ahead of me with your sowing and the baby seedlings - I must get a move on! I love your year by year pics - how orderly it now looks! I'll have to dig out some of mine and do something similar!

ReapWhatYouGrow said...

Wow. I just popped in to get some inspiration for this year, and boy did I!??!!

This looks brilliant, and I can't believe the size of that sweetcorn already. Looks like you are all set for another brilliant year.

Well done, looking at the old photos really brings home how hard you have worked, and it looks really worth it.

Ali said...

Hi Keewee, yes, it has done well since this time in 2008 - a lot of work & a lot of TLC has gone into that patch. I now have the BIG job of decided what is going in where as I have held back due to the frosts we are still getting.

Julia - Hi & Welcome!! Thanks for reading. I will take a look at your blog later properly as I did have a quick peak yesterday. It's good to have before and after - they inspire me!

ReapWhatYou Grow - Hiya, long time no see! I am sure you are busy with your house move etc. Glad to have inspired you. Did you get the email re: council visit at the end of may re: cultivation - all our plots are gone now so they will be very strict this year. I hope it doesn't effect you again as I know you have problems last year.

Thanks for reading guys - Your comments inspire me!!

Kella said...

The pictures says it all don't they.

The plot is looking great and you must feel really pleased with yourself as you are reaping the rewards of all your hard work.

Well done!!