Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Little bits here and there.....

A view looking down 144 from the mid way fruit trees

 The Plum Tree with pond in the  background

 The Apple Tree blossom

 The raked area just in front of the fruit trees (with stone piles)!

The Spinach and Beetroot sunbathing

The Earlies enjoying a soaking in the hot weather

 A baby Parsnip

Another baby Parsnip

The Radishes are germinating

Potting on the Savoy Cabbages
From here, to there!


keewee said...

It is all coming along very nicely.

Damo said...

thanks for reminding me I forgot Savoys!

Ali said...

Hiya Keewee - yes it is!! I can't wait to start planting out, but we have a predicted frost this weekend so I am holding back. Put up my brassica cage today, and I know what's going where, so it's all planned out in my head and ready to go.

Damo - glad to be off help. Can't be without my Savoy's!!

Maureen said...

It's all looking good. I spent another 5 hours today on the plot, but one and half of those were drinking tea and entertaining a friend who can never find me at home, so she came to the allotment and said it was really tranquil and enjoyed it.
M x

Jayce Kay said...

Beautiful work Ali!

Looks like a lot of love and hard work have gone into your allotment. x