Friday, 23 April 2010

More pond work......

I went to the Garden Centre today in search of some pond and pond perimeter plants - this one is call cyperus alternifolius or umbrella palm The pale green foliage fans out like the spokes of an inverted umbrella.  An attractive, adaptable plante, equally happy in or out of water.

I also bought a gratiola officinalis or summer snowflake dainty white flowers and bright green foilage.  A good plant for carpeting damp borders around the pond and growing over the edge of planting shelves.

I dug out a small area to the back of the pond and lined it with an old compost bag turned inside out.  I then popped the two plants into that and filled it with water.  I think the water will very slowly drain away, but as they are both good border plants, I don't think that will matter as when I next water the plot, I can then top it up!

The last plant I bought (3 for £12) was a caltha palustris or marsh marigold A favourite in every pond, the marsh marigold heralds the spring with a gorgeous display of vibrant yellow flowers.  Dead head flower heads for another flower display again in Summer / early Autumn.  Suitable for a small pond / water feature.

You will notice that the marsh marigold was in the photo that I took yesterday, but the plant that was given to me didn't have any roots on it, so it died overnight.  I liked it and the sunny yellow flowers it displayed, so I was pleased to find the exact same plant today! I added more foraged flint stones around the border and I also found some small logs to make a log pile with (sorry no photo).

And the tadpoles survived the night - can you see how many there are??  Will there be space for them all or will I need to make them another pond??

In other news!

I was given this lovely picture to put in my greenhouse - are my plot neighbours trying to tell me something??

The butternuts have grown overnight!

The Greenhouse is getting FULL and soon there will be "no space at the inn"

The seedlings are coming along well.


Kella said...

S you made a boggy patch after all, you'll have all manner of frogs and toads to help with pest control moving soon.

Jo said...

The pond look lovely with the plants in residence. I've got a Marsh Marigold in my pond too which is in flower now. It puts on a lovely display.

Ali said...

Yes I made a boggy patch after all! It seemed like the natural thing to do and it looks good there - like it was meant to be. I am so pleaseed with the way it has turned out!
Marsh Marigold does look lovely in flower.
I could sit there for hours and watch the pond life!

Kella said...

Yes watching pond life or any kinda wildlife is very addictive.

Mark N said...

I too have a marsh marigold at the edge of my pond. Mine hasn't flowered yet this year but I think we are a bit behind you guys in Surrey.