Thursday, 22 April 2010

A pond at last!!

All loaded up again with garden waste, grass cuttings and the new pond liner aka an extra large washing up bowl.
To my excitement I noticed that the Butternut Squash in the Greenhouse is already showing signs of life

And the spinach outside  (still covered at night due to the frosts) is also looking good!!
Now for the pond!!

I decided this time last year where the pond would go, and I still think it's a great site, so that's were it went in!
This was the washing bowl (extra large) that I bought from Islington - I was walking passed this shop, I spied it sitting there with this "buy me, buy me" vibe coming towards me and I thought to myself - that would make a perfect pond!

So I started to dig. 

And I couldn't decide if I should leave it as it was or if I should line it!!  The green plastic I used was an old mulch bag - but had a small hole in it, so I decided to leave it without.

In went the stones, so that if any poor creature got into trouble it could climb out

And with the help of a kind plot neighbour I had a few plants

And even a few tadpoles too!!

I found a few nice big(ish) stones to add a small haven towards the back, which as you can see backs onto the mini nature reserve, and the toad house is there too!


Jo said...

It's looking good. I put a small pond into my garden last year hoping that I might attract frogs, and was hoping for some frogs spawn this year. I saw a few froggies using it last year, but sadly, no spawn this year. I haven't yet put one on the allotment, but I might do in time.

Maureen said...

Ali what a fabulous idea, I always wanted a pond on my plot. a couple of other plot-holders have one but fairly large ones. I would never have thought about having such a small one, but I am inspired enough by yours to have a go. If I do it I will let you know. Also a thanks for reminding me to sow my butternut squash seeds.
So ! you were in Islington ? isn't it a great place, have you been to the bric a brac and Vintage markets on a Saturday ? it great there then.
Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. M xx

Ali said...

Hi Jo - Yes, the idea is to attract frogs and or toads so they can eat the slugs!

Maureen - thanks! I have wanted one for ages, but with this and that and working full time and spending every spare moment at the allotment last year, it didn't happen!
I do hope I have inspired you - i am going to the Garden Centre today to find some dwarf pond lillies and hope they don't cost much!

Kella said...

Hi finally I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs that I follow.

It looks fab Ali, glad you didn't line the bowl I like the colour of it.