Saturday, 17 April 2010

The best allotment day so far (weather wise)

I had to cycle with trailer to the allotment today, as I had so much to take with me!  Not only plants that needed to be potted on but lots of kitchen scraps and some grass cuttings for the compost bins too.

 So there they all are - Tomatoes (cherry) Sweet Peppers, Cauliflowers, a couple of melon plants that I bought from the Garden Centre & beneath is the compost stuff.

I then decided to have a good seed sort out - how many seeds have I got????  They build up from what you buy, what you have been given, some that Maureen (the lovely Mo) sent me (flowers), some  you get from magazines and some that you don't quite remember how the devil they got there!

After the seed sort out, I had to pot on my cherry tomatoes and also my sweet peppers, which I did outside in the lovely, glorious sunshine, whilst listening to the radio. (Heart 106.2) My radio is a wind up one, and it's supposed to be solar powered too, so I put it to the test and it seemed to work without me cranking the handle!

I then decided that I needed to get the Rocket, Mizuna & Spring Onions underway, but as there is stil a threat of a morning frost, I protected all three with the good old cloches - these things do seem expensive to buy initially, but what a good investment as I have used them for 3 years on the go now - wow!!
And of course, I had to label them nicely.  I did intend to sow some Sunflower & Cauliflower seeds today, but I ran out of puff as I decided to take a walk around the site for a photo session with fellow allotmenteers who were out in the nice weather - see for the photos taken.


maureen said...

You've been busy Ali (thanks for the mention by the way x) I went up this afternoon to my plot and spent a good 2 hours digging and raking getting beds ready to put my onions in when they are big enough (sown from seed) I can't get up there until Tuesday now, so I hope the weather holds out. Have a good week-end. M x

Ali said...

Hiya Mo,
Mention was a pleasure! I wish I lived closer as I could help you dig - I love to dig, although not allowed to again until thursday! I have no more digging to do now!! I will be down again on Tuesday as busy tomorrow and I have Cauliflowers, Sunflowers and cucumbers to sow. ~Won't plant anything out for another 2 weeks though as I want to be sure these night frosts will pass.

Jo said...

The bike trailer is a great idea. It fits quite a bit in it too. I don't know where all the seed packets come from, they seem to multiply somehow.

Chris O'Kill said...

looks good Ali, well done and I hope your foot isn't hampering your efforts.

Kella said...

Looks like you are well on the way to agreat lotty year.

Have to agree about those bell cloches, they certainly pay for themselves.