Friday, 16 April 2010

Potato Day

I had arranged to meet Derek at 9.30am yesterday - how's that for good timing??
Derek and Laddie arrived shortly after

So I borrowed Ron's wheelbarrow and collected my potatoes, which I had moved to the Greenhouse from the bath yesterday
And of we went to plot 121 to begin the planting frenzy!

We had to dig / fork the ground a little first, so that the potato ridger would go in a lot easier

And in went the Cara's, Desiree & Roosters

I made sure they were all labeled up as I would easily forget what went in where! 5 rows later on plot 121 and a row of Cara's / Desiree on plot 144 for the overflow, and we all done.

I then went to work on 144 and spent the next hour and a half weeding and tidying up as it was needed after all the time of I have had!

And I made sure that all was well in the Greenhouse too.  3 hours and two cups of tea later and I was pooped, so home I went for lunch.


Green Lane Allotments said...

Have to admit to having abandoned the trench method a few years ago - we now plant using a trowel and have had very good results - just as good as when we dug trenches and we get the potatoes in quickly and don't have aching backs.

Our method is here if you are interested. The link is split so that you can't direct click to visit.

Jo said...

A good day's work. My spuds are still waiting to go in.

Joy McCarthy said...

Your potatoes are much further on than ours, Ali. We don't normally do spuds, but I got a bad attack of 'potato envy' when I saw the huge Picasso potatoes our allotment neighbour had grown. So we've got a few Picasso & some Pink Fir Apples chitting on the office window ledge. Looking forward to the weekend to get outside in the sunshine. Don't overdo it now ...


Mark N said...

One potato, two potato, three potato, four, five potato, six potato, seven potato, more!

Ali said...

GLA - thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, probably due to me being thick, I can only get to your main home page and not the next bit - shame!

Jo - if it wasn't for Derek (our allotment angel) I would stil have them chitting in my bath!

Joy - I hope your potato addiciton is not too bad - I am sure you will enjoy your harvest!

Mark - very very good - made me chuckle reading that! Thanks. :0)

Green Lane Allotments said...

Hi Ali Try:

I split the link as sometimes it leaves off the end bit. You would need to copy the first bit into your browser then add the second bit underneath.

Anyway maybe this full link will work

Ali said...

GLA - thanks for the addtional link - it worked!! I can see the benefits of your video so thanks - if I don't get a man and his potato ridger to hand next year I will do what you do!! Great way to plant out potatoes. Thanks again. x

Kella said...

One of my plot neighbours also have a potatoe ridger but I had to make do with a good hoe (as he wasn't there when I planted my spuds). It worked quite well, though not as neat.