Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bee Rescue!

As I was leaving the lotty today, I decided to get a final watering can top up, so I headed for the water tank before the gate, and good thing I did.  There, in the deep water (well it was deep to the bee) was a bee, swimming away for it's life and getting no where.  There was no time to hesitate, or take a photo, and I was scared of being stung when I put my hand in, but it was over in a nano second and the bee was happy to toddle away to the safety of the water tanks shelf......

Can you see the trail of water behind him?

He even let me take a close up.

He looks all "punky" with his fur all wet!

But posed for a few pictures!  I say HE but He could have been a SHE!!

In all the excitement of the Bee's Rescue, I forgot to tell you what I did today, well I potted on my Tomatoes in the Greenhouse along with some Hot Chilli Peppers and I also sowed some butternut squash seeds!
The Greenhouse is begining to fill up already, and it's only mid April!


Kella said...

Ah! the cutie, she is probably a she, looks like she got a right soaking.

My greenhouse is no danger of being over fulled this year but was talking to my neighbour and he has the same low motivation this year.

But I was back outside today so I'm glad to note things appear to be turning around.

Jo said...

Glad you managed to save the bee. I got my tomatoes potted on at the weekend. That's it now until they go into their final pots.