Monday, 12 April 2010

Over the weekend

 In no particular order, these are my pictures of this weekend and Allotment Ali's Allotment.  The Tomatoes are doing will in the GH with the Pak Choi newly sown just to the front.
Arthurs' lettuces are doing REALLY well as are the leeks behind

The Sweetcorn is strong and are now on the floor to free up room on the bench.

I transplanted the courgettes that were in the GH to Raised Bed #3 as they were A) ready and B) taking up a lot of valuable bench space

The 1st sowing of peas, where were again taking up space in the GH were also put outside - just next door to the parsnips which are a "no show" as yet.

Kohl Rabi - these were left in the Trading Hut on Sunday, so I pricked out a few - two pots like this one here - and popped them in the GH.  I have never grown them before so will be interesting as I have never eaten the before either.

Transporting water from the tap to the GH was overcome by using my bike trailer
 I have just returned from a little watering the greenhouse session and I also bought and replaced a dead strawberry plant - only lost one, and REALLY looking forward to this years crop!


Mark N said...

We had some lovely weather, so it's good you were able to get up the allotment. How long is your cast on for?

Ali said...

Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. I am bandage free now and stitches are out. It's all progressing a lot quicker than the "paperwork" 6 weeks - it will be 3 this coming Thursday so 50% quicker which is great news for me.
I am now hobbling around at olympic speed and I drove today too! I should be 100% by the weekend as it is still a little tender.

Thatcham_Veg said...

Hi Ali glad to hear you are making a swift recovery.....been meaning to say this for a while but have been far too shy....anyway here goes....I have to say your's are the prettiest plant labels I have ever seen ;-) I use coffee stirers and always grab a handful with every cup of tea I buy!

Maureen said...

Hi Ali, it's great to see you back in action on the plot. You have done so much, I have been a bit lazy (too much crafting going on) but I did sow some more leeks yesterday, and dug some horticultural sand into the bed that the parsnips and carrots are going into.
M x

Jo said...

Everything's coming on a treat. I've just sown some kohl rabi, though I've never grown or eaten it before either.

Kella said...

Sounds like you had a full and productive weekend, everything looks healthy and green.

keewee said...

Spring is here but it is still rather cold outside.
Glad to hear you are doing better.

Ali said...

Tatcham Veg - thank you kindly for your lovely comment on my plant labels - they are really cheap from the Garden Centre - made from Bamboo, but you are kind to mention them.

Mo - I like to do a bit everyday and now that I am nearly 100% back to normal I will start that again, as that way I can keep on top of both plots!

Jo - the Kohl Rhabi will be interesting. I will have to look up some recipes!!

Kella - yes a productive weekend but only working on 80% at the mo so could have been better especially as it was such nice weather - slowly slowly!!

Kee Wee - yes, there is a chill here still - especially when the wind blows, just watching the weather on TV & the temperatures look good but the wind chill is what's cooling us down still!!