Monday, 8 March 2010


Me and hubby went to the allotment at about 4pm.  I had to take hubby as I was not sure if I could get the paraffin heater alight or not!

"Nothing Sharp or Hot" he always says to me, so I thought I best be supervised.

After putting the heater on a slab, I then managed to light it quite easily.

However I worried all night about the fact that it might set the polycarbonate sheeting alight.

So I got up and hot footed it down there at 7am, only to find a nice and snug greenhouse!



Kella said...

Onwards and upwards, heat on!!

maureen said...

Ah thats what I need a heater. Trouble is the roof window doesn't fit snug as I think the greenhouse isn't quite square (bad workmanship putting it together !!) so I may be wasting my time trying to heat said greenhouse.

Jo said...

I've considered getting a parafin heater for my greenhouse, but I think I would be the same and worry too much about setting everything on fire. I think I'll stick to my windowsills for germination.

Mark N said...

Hello from a fellow lottie person. Just found your blog and subscribed. Used to live in Surrey, now in Wiltshire. Good luck for the new season!

Ali said...

Kella - You are spot on!

Maureen - Put a piece of wood on the outside to hold it down - that's what I did when we had those strong winds.

Jo - it's absolutely fine - If you keep the wicks low and site the heater on a slab or a metal tray there is no problem. I am no longer worried & the GH is nice and cosy

Mark N - Welcome to my blog and thanks for following - What part of Surrey did you live in? I got married in Wiltshire - The Manor House in Castle Combe - do you know it??

Mark N said...

Ali, I used to live in Woking and my wife comes from Addlestone. We've been in Wiltshire now for nearly ten years. Castle Combe is a lovely village. Probably about 40mins in the car from us, so not dead close.