Wednesday, 10 March 2010


On plot 121 things were looking a little weedy, so I decided to get the onion hoe out!

An hour later with a flask of co-op tea to keep my hydrated and warm, things were looking alot better

Top pic - Onions to the left - Garlic on the far right.

Lower pic - Garlic to the left (thicker foilage) and onions to the right.

I did unfortunately have one or two mishaps with the onions, and a couple of the garlic's didn't take, but all in all I think I will have a 95% sucess rate!

I have planted double the amount of onions that I put in last year, as I did run out before the "sets" were ready and I have also planted more garlic too.  I do have onion sets to to in soon too, so I should have plenty of onions for 2010.


Jayce Kay said...

Nice work Ali!

Mark N said...

I work from home and managed to pop down the allotment yesterday to look after the onions too. There's a picture on my blog. Looks like you do a few more than me though !

Jo said...

Everything looks so much better after it's been given a good weed. You've had a good success rate. I haven't grown onions before, but I'm going to grow some from sets this year.